Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

Introducing man’s best friend’s best friend! Designed with pet parents in mind, we engineered our new Pet Portable Spot Cleaner to make pet cleanup easier than ever. Tackle loose pet hair PLUS your deepest pet stains and odors with the all-new Dual-Action Pet Tool! Rubberized bristles pick up pet hair from carpet, area rugs, stairs, furniture, upholstery, pet beds, mattresses and more while removing pet stains and odors. Engineered with TWICE* the suction power of other comparable portable spot cleaners, Rug Doctor’s Pet Portable Spot Cleaner truly extracts pet accidents and messes from soft surfaces. Professional-grade suction eliminates deep-down pet stains and odors at the source and makes cleaning up pet accidents so easy and fast! Easily roll Pet Portable Spot Cleaner from spot to spot all over your home and vehicle. Carpet-friendly wheels and a retractable handle make cleanup quick and simple, no matter where accidents happen. Its small size makes for easy storage in cabinets, closets, pantries and more.

Power Rotary Scrubber And Tanks

One of my favorite things about this spot cleaner is that it has a power rotary scrubber. You will not find this kind of technology installed in any other cleaners of this size. Trust me, I have looked everywhere repeatedly and have concluded that you just will not find it. This brush actually does twice the work that a typical brush does. With this machine, you can guarantee that the deep down dirt and debris will have nowhere to hide. I cannot ignore the significant benefits provided by this unit’s removable tanks. This makes filling and emptying them super simple and easy. With many alternatives, I had to try to pour the solution in a small hole. This almost always defeated the purpose and nearly always resulted in a mess at the end of the day. With the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner, this problem has truly been rectified.


Powerful Cleaning

Powerful Cleaning with 2x Suction Power

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy Clean Up Anytime, Anywhere

Easy Storage

Compact & Lightweight for Easy Storage

Dual Action

Dual Action Pet Tool Tackles Pet Hair AND Stains & Odors