Should You Steam Clean Your Carpets Yourself Or Hire A Professional For The Job?

When you think of cleaning carpets in your home probably the first thing you do is to go to the Yellow pages, in the phone book, and check for the services that are available there. Then you make a few inquiries, and you find that you are going to be laying out several hundred dollars to clean the carpets in just a few rooms. This results in your looking for other ways to get the job done. A little searching around online elicits the fact that you can buy a good quality steam carpet cleaner for considerably less than the price of having a professional clean your rugs for you.

The next question is whether or not you can do as good a job by cleaning the carpets yourself with one of these machines. The answer as far as I am concerned is yes, you can do an excellent job of carpet cleaning with a good steam cleaner such as the very popular Hoover F5914-900 which is quite reasonably priced. The Hoover is an upright vacuum cleaner type machine which vacuums the rug clean, as well as steam cleaning it.

The Rug Doctor steam carpet cleaner is a higher priced machine which is capable of doing a professional job. In fact many professional cleaners use this machine. If you go to your local hardware store or supermarket to rent a carpet steam cleaner this is likely to be the machine you will get.

The Bissell Little Green Machine is a smaller, canister type, handheld machine which is most suitable for cleaning small areas, or spills and stains. It will steam clean a complete carpet of course, but is not as handy as a bigger upright cleaner for this purpose. It is an excellent machine for smaller cleaning jobs and has a very good reputation.

The Dirt Devil Easy Steamer is a light-weight, upright model, steam carpet cleaner which is capable of delivering very good results. Its price is very competitive also. Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners have been extensively marketed and are well known as reliable machines.

Any of the machines we have mentioned here will do the job for you. Perhaps the most popular, as a result of good performance and reasonable price, is the Hoover Steamvac F5914-900. Hoover is one of the most trusted names in carpet cleaning, and one of the oldest companies in the business. We have personally used this machine and can testify to its effectiveness. It has five fast rotating cleaning brushes and the Power Surge feature which directs an extra surge of detergent fluid right into a stained area with the push of a trigger.

The high heat steam produced by steam carpet cleaners kills all microbes, carpet mites and other creatures which may be living in your rug. The steam also is excellent for loosening up dirt which is ingrained in a rug and facilitating its removal.

In summary we believe that you can save money by steam cleaning your own carpets. You will also have the machine on hand for future cleaning as often as is necessary rather than just paying for a professional cleaning once in a long while.

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