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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 – renting or buying?

Having trouble getting dirt off your carpets? Feel like vacuuming is not enough? Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 might be the answer to all your troubles. Why? Well, we shall see that in this review. There are more than enough claims that it leaves no trace of debris behind. To get a clue of what this simple yet efficient carpet cleaner can do, let us go through some of the reasons it stands out compared to other carpet cleaners. Before we start, let’s outline what we’re serving today:

  • what is Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3, how good is it, which are its key specs and features
  • how it compares to other models from the same producer, more specifically the Rug Doctor Wide Track and the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

The features

As the name suggest it, this is a mighty shampooer which goes deeper into your carpets to take care of almost all the dirt that might be hiding there. The producer brags about how their product performs better compared to other deep carpet cleaners. This unit is marketed as a commercial system. Commercial cleaning systems have 2 important characteristics: they are made of better materials and their components (belts, motors, brush rolls)  are designed for intense, heavy duty usage. Domestic equipments, compared to their commercial versions, have a lower reliability. But let’s see just how much truth lays in these statements. Let us go through some of the specifications that best describe the Mighty Pro X3:

Suction & scrub powerWhen it comes to suction, this unit has a clear advantage over other similar carpet cleaners. The system works in 3 phases:

During the first phase, strong jets inject cleaning solution in the carpet fibers. You can prepare this solution using either hot or cold water, depending on the type of your carpets (tip: don’t use hot water on wool!). The machine itself doesn’t have a heating element.
In the second phase, the 10″ dual brush system rotates and vibrates during the cleaning process, ensuring that all the dirt in the carpet threads is scrubbed of the textile fibers.
Last, the 1.74 hp motor delivers a powerful airflow through the 10.8″ wide nozzle, to suck up all the loose filth.
Compared to other deep cleaners, this machine removes 50%-80% of the water used in the cleaning process. Some people reported over-wetting accidents, and the producer doesn’t recommend you to make more than 2 passes on each carpet spot, to prevent this phenomenon.
Input powerThis product works on 120-volts, consumes 11 amps, which is lower than Bissell’s Big Green (which works with 12 amps). As the producer recommends, you should plug this appliance in a grounded outlet. The power cord has, besides the standard plug, a grounding conductor. This may prove to be a decision factor, especially for those of you who live in older households.
Tank capacityAs expected, this unit has 2 separate tanks, one for dirty and one for clean water. The clean water tank is built-in (is located at the bottom of the cleaner) and can accommodate 3 gallons of solution. Given its location, you can use either a bucket or a shower to fill it. The recovery tank is 3.9 gallons. This high capacity allows you to clean more and refill less, but the twist is the unit becomes tougher to maneuver.
Filtration systemHas a dome filter located on top of the recovery tank. The air expelled by the vacuuming circuit is filtered by a standard foam filter.
Weight and DimensionsMeasures 26.5” x 11.5” x 22” and weights 39 lbs (with empty tanks). It’s quite heavy, and with both tanks full, it requires a bit of work to move it around.
Warranty5 years of limited warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee and the lifetime support show just how serious Rug Doctor is when it comes to their products.
AccessoriesA universal hand tool and hose set – great for cleaning your car, the stairs or other tough to reach areas around the furniture.
Depending on the type of package (Pet Pack, Family Pack), you may also get some cleaning solutions which, by the way, are highly concentrated and very efficient, non-toxic and bio-degradable:
40-oz. bottle of Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner
17-oz. Urine Eliminator spray
40-oz. bottle of Oxy-Steam Carpet Cleaner
17-oz. Spot & Stain Remover Trigger spray
Special featuresFolding Handle – improves usability, adjustable in height between 32.5″ and 36.5″.
CRI seal of approval – for soil and water removal, as well as gentleness on sensitive carpets and rugs.
UsabilityThis product performs exactly like the one which can be rented for approximately $30/day. The only difference between these is the color: the rentals are red and this product is blue. There are a few usability issues which I would like to cover:

The weight – this appliance is relatively heavy. It is hard to maneuver it around furniture.
The tipping – the size of the machine makes it predisposed to tipping. I would advise you to lean it next to a wall or at least make sure it will not completely tip over when left unattended.

  • The nozzle width
     – 10.8″ may seem a little low for some.
  • The handle height – tall people may have a problem with this.
  • The tank filing/emptying – a tendentious activity, due to the size and design of the tanks. The upper tank may accommodate 3.9 gallons of water. It is hard to grab and thus, difficult to empty.
  • Final thoughts and VGMcc ( Mark for carpet cleaners)
  • In summary, Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is an improvement over the previous Rug Doctor machines. Most of these machines had a weak suction as their major drawback, but as we can see, the Mighty Pro X3 has been greatly improved at this level. The other thing that gives it much more credibility is the fact that it has received a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal award, as a result of its effectiveness when it comes to cleaning. CRI’s certification means it meets all the requirements for the carpet cleaners to be use in domestic households. A combination of positive reviews and astounding features makes IMO the Mighty Pro X3 worth buying. What do you think? Have you ever rented one of these? Or better yet, do you own one? Please share you thoughts.

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